The first stipend for Foundation, Certificate, Diploma and Higher National Diploma (based on 2yrs) students will be paid on the 2nd December 2017, together with the Initial Grant and December bonus. Thereafter stipends will be paid every four weeks in arrears. 

Students repeating a particular module(s) will be eligible for stipend on a pro-rata basis.

Bachelor Degree students will receive their first stipend on 4th November 2017 while the € 233 Initial Grant will be paid with their second stipend on 2nd December 2017.  Thereafter stipends will be paid every four weeks in arrears.

Students receiving a stipend are also entitled to receive half the annual Government bonus and have to pay their National Insurance contributions.

The following stipends will be paid to full-time students who meet the eligible criteria and who are not in full-time employment during the scholastic period. 

MQF Level 2


€29.26 per week 
MQF Level 3


€29.26 per week 
MQF Level 4


€29.26 per week 
MQF Level 5

Higher National Diploma (2 year courses)

1st year student - €47.03 per week 
2nd year student - €54.35 per week 

MQF Level 5

Higher National Diploma (1 year basis) or first year Bachelor Degree

€54.35 per week 

MQF Level 6

Bachelor Degree second year and third year

€58 per week 


EU Citizens

Students who are of EU citizenship may be eligible to receiving a stipend. Evidence of residence or education in Malta for 5 years needs to be provided, or else documented evidence of the student's parents paying an NI in Malta for the last 5 years.

Non-EU Citizens

Non EU citizens are not eligible to receiving a stipend, however there are circumstances where this may be revised. Non-EU citizens may check with MEDE or the ITS accounts department with regards to the matter.


For further information kindly contact the accounts department on +356 2379 3245 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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