St. George's Campus

Overlooking St George’s Bay, the Institute of Tourism Studies is situated right in the middle of the so called  “golden mile” surrounded by top five star international hotels. The area is a prime tourist site, and makes an ideal place for students to study tourism and hospitality. The building is within walking distance of the main hotels and main entertainment area in Malta. It is in fact the oldest structure located in the area, and it represents part of the history of Malta. The building dates to the middle of the 19th century, and was a result of the increase in the presence of the British military personnel. Today the Institute features modern facilities required by students to perform excellently in their studies.

Kitchens and Restaurants

The ITS main campus has three main restaurants and production kitchens utilized for practical sessions and simulations. Each restaurant has its own characteristics and meal experiences vary from one to another.

The Pembroke Suite

This is the main restaurant that is open to the general public.It is a training outlet for students reading for various qualifications related to the hospitality field. The restaurant is primarily renowned for its excellent food and quality service, whilst still maintaining good value for money. The Pembroke Suite is open for lunch and for dinner, and besides the normal fixed menus, this outlet also offers themed dinners usually prepared by final year students specializing in culinary arts.

The Vaults

The Vaults is another training outlet which offers good value for money. This restaurant has a dual function. During the day, food is prepared by our first year students and in the evening this same restaurant is the place where young minds are taught the art of fine dining. To showcase its students’ ample talents and their love for fine food and drink, The Institute of Tourism Studies has launched dinners at , ‘The Vaults’, managed by the students’ themselves; from the impressive a la carte menu to the excellent service and everything else in between. One mouth watering course after another created with such flair and expertise, which easily rival some of the best signature dishes created by much more experienced renowned chefs in far longer established upmarket eateries around the island. At this rate, for all lovers of fine dining, the future seems bright!

The Palms Cafeteria

This outlet is the training ground for foundation and certificate level students. All the food is prepared and served by students and for students. The outlet, besides offering good value for money, is a busy hub and is considered to be the heart of the catering operation at the Institute. In addition to all of the above outlets, the Institute also features three individual kitchens and a demo kitchen. These are also utilized for training purposes and are equipped with the necessary tools for our students to learn and practice their culinary skills.

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