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TS Restaurants: Terms & Conditions

At ITS we have three restaurants which are open to the public. These are operated by students as part of their study programmes, under the supervision and guidance of our tutors.

During the school year, each one of our restaurants offers its unique lunching and dining experiences. Each restaurant offers a selection of refined dishes throughout the academic year and all at affordable prices. Students from various culinary, pastry-making, management and service programs handle the preparation of the dishes and desserts, as well as their service, as part of their practical courses. This is done according to the class schedule and study programmes, which is why menus and restaurant operations change according to the day and time of year.

Come and experience the different eating experience at one of the Insitute's teaching restaurants for the refinement of our dishes and service, as well as the unbeatable quality-price ratio and the satisfaction of helping train the next generation of professionals!


The Restaurants


Overlooking St George's Bay, The Pembroke Suite is our main restaurant at ITS. It is a silver service restaurant open to the general public daily (Mon-Fri) for both Lunch and dinner. Like all our restaurants, it is a training outlet for students reading for various qualifications in hospitality, and is renowned for its excellent food and quality of service, as well as the great value for money.

The menus of The Pembroke Suite change weekly, offering 3-course meals for both lunch and dinner. It also has the facility of a conference room, The St. George's Suite - which can be booked for workshops and seminars - and The Pembroke Bar,  a comprehensively stocked bar offering a wide range of quality-branded spirits and liqueurs, as well as a varied selection of Local and Foreign quality wines.

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The Vaults is the second training restaurant at ITS Main Campus in St Julian's, and is a showcase of our students ample talents and their love for fine food and drink. It serves a la carte menus and is open to the general public for Lunch (Mon-Fri) and for dinner (Thursdays & Friday only). 

From the impressive menus to the excellent service to everything in between, at The Vaults you will enjoy one mouth watering experience after another, created with such flair and expertise that easily rival some of the best signature dishes created by much more experienced and well-known chefs!

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Named after an prehistoric find in the villlage of Qala, Il-Menhir is the restaurant on our campus in the same village Gozo. operated by our professors and student in Gozo, it is open twice weekly (Thursday and Friday) for lunch serving delicious 3-course menus of sophisticated modern dishes coupled with the right bottle of wine from our selective wine list. Main course dishes range from fish, shellfish, beef and pork, chicken, lamb, veal and much more.

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1. ITS Restaurants are teaching restaurants. Due to the necessities of classroom and the institute, availability of the restaurants, opening hours, menus and menu items, capacity and other variables are always subject to change with no or very short notice. ITS will endeavour to provide the best possible service, but cannot be held responsible for cancellations, changes and alterations.


2. ITS Menus are set out to meet the student learning outcomes and are very difficult to alter. Patrons with special dietary requirements must contact ITS prior to booking to confirm that their particular dietary requirements can be met.


3. Items on the menu are all subject to availability and as a general rule patrons at any one table are encouraged to order different selections to meet the teaching requirements for students.


4. ITS reserves the right to refuse or cancel any bookings at its discretion.  


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