About Us

Established in 1987 and acting as Malta’s main Tourism and Hospitality educational institution, the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) offers a vast selection of programmes taught by dedicated lecturers. The campus offers multiple specialised labs and kitchens to assure that students receive the essential theoretical and practical education required.

The Institute of Tourism Studies, located close to the Malta International Airport and with a campus in Qala, Gozo, currently offers programmes of studies ranging from Foundation Programme (MQF Level 2) to Masters Degree Programmes (MQF Level 7) level.

Recently, ITS signed an academic affiliation with the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM), ranked one of the top ten institutions in the world in the field of Tourism and Hospitality Management. Apart from this agreement with EAHM, ITS has secured various other agreements throughout these past years, with various top International Universities and Institutions, which ensure that students not only have the possibility to graduate from a reputable institute, but in the process also get the opportunity to study for a period of time within these institutions in order to obtain a wider experience and further develop their skills to meet international standards. The ITS works closely with the highly esteemed Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Finland and Institut Paul Bocuse in France to offer its Degree programmes in Bachelor in International Hospitality Management and Bachelor in Culinary Arts, respectively.

The Institute of Tourism Studies prides in offering students not only theoretical knowledge but also extensive hands on experience, through the ITS training restaurants, kitchens and hospitality laboratories. ITS students are also exposed to further training through the Local Industrial Trade Practice and International Internship, which is included in the students’ programme of study.

With a variety of programmes available at various levels, covering the necessities of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry, students may ensure that they have the opportunity of specialising in areas best suited to their abilities and interests.


Mission Statement

 Shaping Excellence and Innovation in Tourism, through teaching and learning, quality research,
advice, and realisation of innovative business concepts



  • By Shaping we mean that we will be proactive and lead the change process in the Tourism Industry;
  • By Excellence we mean that we shall be at the forefront in ensuring that we create Professionals, Business Concepts and Support Industry in obtaining the highest levels of quality in what they do.
  • By Innovation we mean that we shall instigate creativity and entrpreneurship and key fundamental attributes in the tourism industry
  • By teaching and learning we mean that at the core we shall remain committed in providing high quality education and training programmes to our students that are relevant to the current and future needs of the industry.
  • By quality research, we mean that we will transition from a teaching based institution to become a research lead institution wherein we will strive to generate relevant comprehensive and systematic content, concepts and publications.
  • By advice we mean that we shall provide support and assistance to the tourism industry in improving its management, standards, processes and systems with a view to enhance excellence and operating and financial performance.
  • By realisation of innovative business concepts, we mean that we shall assist promising start ups in the Tourism Industry to develop and implement their business ideas





The Institute of Tourism Studies will lead the transformation of tomorrow’s international tourism industry by directing its resources to:

  • create comprehensive and systematic knowledge through high quality research,

      •   develop innovative and relevant higher and further education and training programmes combining technical, generic and behavioural skills.

  • deliver such programmes through a student centred and inclusive learning environment, integrating theory and practice whilst promoting modern leadership approaches
  • provide expert advice to established players
  • mentor entrepreneurs in successfully commercialising innovative business concepts in the Tourism Industry.



The ITS Strategic Plan 2021 -2025 may be found here. 



ITS - Malta (Main Campus)  
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Ħal Luqa LQA 9023  
Malta - EU 

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ITS - Gozo
Triq l-Isqof Buttigieg,
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