Policies and Procedures

These Policies and Procedures are provided for reference purposes only. Official and signed copies are documented at the Board of Governors’ office and the Chief Executive officer’s office.

The following are available to download here for your convenience:

Policies & Procedures

Quality Assurance Policy

A1 Admission Policy

A1 Reg 1 Admission Procedure

A2 Academic Year Policy

CA2 Academic Year Procedure

A3 International Clients Policy

CA3 International Clients Procedure

A4 Programme Advisory Board + Committees Policy

CA4 Programme Advisory Board + Committees Procedure 

A5 Programme Viability Assessment Policy

CA5 Programme Viability Assessment Procedure

A6 Programme Initiate New Programmes Policy 

CA6 Programme Initiate New Programmes Procedure

A7 Intellectual Property Policy 

CA7 Intellectual Property Procedure

A8 Plagiarism Policy

CA8 Plagiarism Procedure

A9 Field Trips Policy

CA9 Field Trips Procedure 

A10 Study Abroad Policy

CA10 Study Abroad Procedure

A11 Local Workplace Learning Policy

CA11 Workplace Learning Procedure

A12 Credentials Policy

CA12 Credentials Procedure

A13 Programme Quality Assurance Policy 

CA13 Programme Quality Assurance Procedure

A14 Student Performance and Behaviour Policy

CA14 Student Performance and Behaviour Procedure

A15 Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) Policy

AR15 Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) Procedure

A16 Student Council Policy

CA16 Student Council Procedure

A17 Student Sickness Mitigating Policy

SSA17 Student Sickness Mitigating Procedure

A18 ICT Policy

CA18 ICT Procedure

A19 Exam Policy

CA19 Exam Procedure

A20 Long Essay Policy

CA20 Long Essay Procedure

A21 Ethics Policy

CA21 Ethics Procedure

SMG1 Student Maintenance Grant Policy

SSMG1 Student Maintenance Grant Procedure

CPD22 Continuous Professional Development Policy

CPDH22 Continuous Professional Development Procedure

TL23 Teaching and Learning Policy

TLA23 Teaching and Learning Procedure

HR24 Human Rights Policy

HRH24 Human Rights Procedure

LC25 Lecture Competency Policy


Rules and Regulations


Prospectus & Education Charter

ITS Prospectus

Erasmus+: Charter for Higher Education


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