Petra Formosa

ITS Graduate

I just wanted to write a small email to both of you, to thank you for all your patience, hard work & dedication when it came to preparing us for our Internship. Those 6 months really were the best 6 months I've lived! It's already been 3 months now since I've been home (even though deep down I still consider UK as being my home!), and my heart still sinks thinking back on how lucky I was to have lived in such a beautiful place and worked in a hotel with a department I absolutely fell in love with. The past experience absolutely changed me, the way I see life and all the things that surround me.

I also never appreciated enough the amount of work both of you put in to make sure that each and every student is accommodated accordingly and making sure that every student is more than happy. And not to mention  all the chasing after us for papers. I myself have started working with a company which helps students from the EU find both a placement and an accommodation. It hasn't been a week and I can already feel the stress of paperwork and chasing after people, let alone yourselves since you've been doing this for quite some time now. So thank you, to both of you, for all your patience, for the thousands of questions answered, and for making a couple of months turn into an experience I will honestly treasure forever. This would never have been possible if you never chased me over & over again, if you didn't raise your voice to be heard when needed, and if you didn't answer our bible of questions every time! You really do change make a difference, at least you did to me :)


Warm Regards,

Petra Formosa

Kevin McAlpine

St Mellion International Resort

I just want to say a very big thank you for the two students we have had on placement this year! Christian travels home tomorrow and Keith has, at his request, extended his employment at St Mellion before returning to Malta. We have been very happy with both students who have worked hard, diligently in a professional way and have been a credit to ITS and acted as very good ambassadors for the college.

As always a very big thank you for the support and allowing us to be part of your placement program.


Kind regards 


Kevin McAlpine

Resort General Manager

St Mellion International Resort


Sephora Sammut


On behalf of The Cliffs Interpretation Centre, I would like to thank you for the meeting of 13th August. The school visits have materialised this week whereby ITS Foundation Students experienced the school visits based on our concept throughout the whole week from Monday till Friday. The attached materials contains photos from the school visits.

The school visits were upheld positively by the students who gained new knowledge on the concept of The Cliffs Interpretation Centre, and we also appreciate the feedback expounded by the accompanying tutors. It was also a very positive experience for us. 

We would be looking forward to the organisation of successive school visits to ITS students enrolled in variable courses. 

Thank you and regards,

Sephora Sammut




The Cliffs Interpretation Centre,

Triq Panoramika,


Darcy Mogan

Executive Chef: Forest of Arden, A Marriott Hotel and Country Club, Warwickshire, UK

Host to ITS Students on Internship in the UK 

I must say on the whole the students I have received this year have been fantastic and a huge credit to your Institute. Myself and my team have enjoyed working alongside them and, probably more importantly, have relied upon the students chef over the last few months.

It is nice to see the development happening with them as well as seeing them grow in confidence. I can assure that they have done the Institute proud!

Mary Rose Caruana

Chairperson: Coeliac Association Malta 

Mother's Day Lunch on Friday, 11 May, 07 

On behalf of all the guests attending the morning's lunch at the Pembroke Suite, I would like to say a very big THANK YOU and PROSIT to all concerned who were involved in the preparation of the gluten free menu. In particular - Mr. Mario Sammut and Mr. Renato Briffa. 

The food and the dessert were superb and the service excellent. 

Thank you once again for making this a memorable lunch especially for those coeliac guests who are afraid to take the plunge and patronize restaurants because of the fear of food contamination with other gluten containing products. 

Anne Marie Weadock

MHCIMA Company Secretary 

"The Hilton Hotel & Casino Isle of Man has worked closely with the Institute of Tourism Studies Malta for the last seven years employing a minimum of seven internship students every year. The Institute has always acted in a totally professional manner and given equal consideration to the needs of their students and their employers. The quality of the students has been consistently high and is to be highly recommended

Bradley Dingli

Operations Director Intercontinental Malta

"ITS has provided me with the right intellectual and communication skills and practical competence to work effectively with teams and manage people towards success. Through ITS I have gained the self-confidence required to reach my goals and exceed any expectations both in my professional as well as in my personal life." 

Julian C. Zarb MBA MHCIMA MTS Dip. A.T. & D (Univ. of Malta)

Tourism Journalist and Media Presenter 

"Tourism has been a primary pillar of the Maltese Economy ever since these islands gained independence from Britain in 1964. 

Throughout these years we have built up an industry based on three core competencies: Hospitality, Friendliness and Service. 

To sustain these three competencies and ensure that we remain competitive in the future, I believe that there is a definite role for the Institute of Tourism Studies to nurture those who choose the industry not as a job but rather as a vocation and a career. Tourism is all about people. It is about fulfilling expectations and delivering experiences. 

The Institute for Tourism Studies has already filled a gap in providing the industry with the Professionalism that is needs to fulfill its role. But learning is a continuous process and the Institute will remain a means of closing the skills gaps by interfacing with industry and organizations, such as, HCIMA Malta. The HCIMA has, for a long time, accredited a number of courses at ITS and this is proof that we appreciate the level and standard of education provided by this educational institution. 

 Having worked in the hospitality sector for twenty-five years and also through my research work as a tourism journalist, I can understand the importance of an Institute for Tourism Studies which can respond to the needs of the industry through courses and training processes that are internationally recognized through the HCIMA."

Domenico D'Imperio

Executive Chef - Le Tre Vaselle -Torgiano (Perugia) Italy 

Con immenso piacere ho avuto la possibilita di visitare questa scuola che prepara in modo egregio i futuri professionisti del mondo albeghiero e turistico, e l'impressione che ho avuto che i studenti che ne fanno parte sono pieni di volonta per incamminarsi nel lungo e sacrificato cammino professionale alberghiero un caloroso saluto e un in bocca al lupo a tutti gli studenti dell' Institute of tourism studies di Malta e un arrivederci a presto.

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