Petra Formosa

ITS Graduate

I just wanted to write a small email to both of you, to thank you for all your patience, hard work & dedication when it came to preparing us for our Internship. Those 6 months really were the best 6 months I've lived! It's already been 3 months now since I've been home (even though deep down I still consider UK as being my home!), and my heart still sinks thinking back on how lucky I was to have lived in such a beautiful place and worked in a hotel with a department I absolutely fell in love with. The past experience absolutely changed me, the way I see life and all the things that surround me.

I also never appreciated enough the amount of work both of you put in to make sure that each and every student is accommodated accordingly and making sure that every student is more than happy. And not to mention  all the chasing after us for papers. I myself have started working with a company which helps students from the EU find both a placement and an accommodation. It hasn't been a week and I can already feel the stress of paperwork and chasing after people, let alone yourselves since you've been doing this for quite some time now. So thank you, to both of you, for all your patience, for the thousands of questions answered, and for making a couple of months turn into an experience I will honestly treasure forever. This would never have been possible if you never chased me over & over again, if you didn't raise your voice to be heard when needed, and if you didn't answer our bible of questions every time! You really do change make a difference, at least you did to me :)


Warm Regards,

Petra Formosa

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