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Admission to ITS

For assistance during registration period with the application process and information about the courses, please contact our Career Guidance Officer on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All applicants are kindly advised to provide all documentation that is asked for on the application form. Applicants from countries that are not within the European Union need to pay a registration fee as well as course fees as indicated on the ITS website (
All applications are subject to approval and the final decision on acceptance is taken by ITS. Moreover, applicants may be subject to an English proficiency test and/or an interview. At the Institute of Tourism Studies, a sound level of English Language writing, speaking, listening and reading is necessary since English is the language of instruction. When applying to pursue studies at ITS, international students are expected to also provide evidence to indicate their level of English proficiency.

For evidence of English language proficiency, international students are expected to provide a minimum score in one or more of the following:

Certificate Level (MQF Level 3)
IELTS Academic: 4.5, TOEFL Internet: 72, Cambridge English Preliminary: B1

Higher National Diploma Level (MQF Level 5)
IELTS Academic: 5.5, TOEFL Internet: 72, Cambridge CAE: B2

Degree Level (MQF Level 6)
IELTS Academic: 5.5, TOEFL Internet: 72, Cambridge CAE: B2

Applicants are also asked to send a digital photo of themselves in smart attire. This photo will be used to create a student card once the application is processed and accepted.

Information Sessions

Information sessions about the programmes of studies offered by ITS will be held at the ITS campus in Luqa at 9:30am, on the following dates.

Monday 22nd July
Foundation Programme

Tuesday 23rd July | Certificate Programmes
Certificate in Food Preparation & Service
Certificate in Events
Certificate in Rooms Division
Certificate in Travel & Tourism

Wednesday 24th July | Diploma Programmes
Diploma in Travel & Tourism Operations
Diploma in Events Operations
Diploma in Rooms Division Operations
Diploma in Food Preparation
& Production Operations
Diploma in Food & Beverage Service Operations

Thursday 25th July | Higher National Diploma (HND) Programmes
Higher National Diploma in Events Management
Higher National Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management
Higher National Diploma in Rooms Division Management
Higher National Diploma in Food & Beverage Management
Higher National Diploma in Food Preparation & Production Management

Friday 26th July | Degree Programmes, Higher National Diploma for Cruise Liners and for Tourist Guiding
Higher National Diploma for Tourist Guiding
Higher National Diploma in Hotel Management Operations for Cruise liners
Bachelor in International Hospitality Management
Bachelor in Culinary Arts
Bachelor in Gastronomy


It is highly recommended that applicants visit the Institute of Tourism Studies in Luqa and attend the information sessions organised.


Additional Information

Students must follow the timetables set out by the Institute of Tourism Studies and may be required to attend morning, afternoon and/or evening sessions. They may also be required to attend sessions succeeding normal hours, on public holidays and during the weekend.
Students in programmes of study where food is handled are required to successfully complete a Food Hygiene course in accordance with current Health & Hygiene Regulations.
All applicants will be asked to undertake a medical examination, conducted by a medical practitioner and at a clinic of their choice. and fill in a medical questionnaire which will be provided together with the application form. This medical questionnaire is needed to certify their suitability to join a programme of studies at the Institute of Tourism Studies. The Institute reserves the right to determine the number of new entrants in relation to the availability of resources and the standard of applicants.

Full-time students who meet the criteria and who are not in full-time employment during the scholastic period will be eligible for a stipend. Full information on remuneration packages may be found on here. The first stipend will be paid in the beginning of December 2018. Thereafter stipends will be paid every four weeks in arrears.
Students receiving a stipend are also entitled to receive half the annual Government bonus and have to pay their National Insurance contributions.
Eligible students will also receive a grant of €233 per scholastic year paid in the beginning of December 2018. Students attending ITS just to repeat particular modules in which they failed will be eligible for stipend on a pro-rata basis.

A combination of a minimum of 3 Advanced and Intermediate levels, of which at least one needs to be an Advanced level (MQF level 4) pass, and these qualifications must add up to a minimum of 44 points as per the matrix provided below.

Advanced Level
Grade A 30 Grade Points
Grade B 24 Grade Points
Grade C 18 Grade Points
Grade D 12 Grade Points
Grade E 6 Grade Points

Intermediate Level
Grade A 10 Grade Points
Grade B 8 Grade Points
Grade C 6 Grade Points
Grade D 4 Grade Points
Grade E 2 Grade Points

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