Bachelor in Culinary Arts (hons)

 in collaboration with Institut Paul Bocuse, France. 



Entry Point


MQF Level

Total Credits
240 ECTS

Programme Duration
32 Months including LITP and IITP

Additional Information

A profiling interview upon admission may be conducted in order to better assist students with their learning process. Admissions of special cases will be referred to ITS’ Admissions Board.

Job Roles May Include

  • Chef de Cuisine
  • Private Chef
  • Executive Chef
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Culinary Director
  • Food and Beverage Director

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Conduct advanced studies and further the education in the field of Culinary Arts.
  • Comply with social, scientific, cultural and ethical values at the stages of gathering, interpreting, implementing, and declaring data in the field.
  • Apply and use information and communication as required in this area of study.
  • Develop and appraise enhanced levels of craftsmanship in culinary arts and specific speciality areas of food production and modern food production trends.

Entry Criteria

A combination of a minimum of 3 Advanced and Intermediate levels, of which one needs to be an Advanced level (MQF level 4) pass, and these qualifications must add up to a minimum of 44 points as per matrix provided on page 64 AND passes at grade 5 (SSC&P level 3) or better in SEC examinations in English, Mathematics and Maltese; and at least four years documented experience and a pass in: (i) the Basic Kitchen and Larder, and the Basic Pastry and Baking course and; (ii) Intermediate Kitchen and Larder and, and Intermediate Pastry and Baking course offered by the Institute of Tourism Studies.


An ITS Diploma in Food Preparation & Production MQF Level 4(or equivalent).


An ITS Higher National Diploma in Food Preparation & Production or MQF Level 5 (or equivalent). Kindly refer to note below.


Apply as a mature student, at least 23 years of age by the beginning of the academic year applied for, and subject to proficiency and/ or aptitude tests as per direction of the ITS. In this programme, at least 4 years of relevant documented experience in an industrial kitchen are required or pass in: (i) the Basic Kitchen and Larder Pastry course and; (ii) Intermediate Kitchen and Larder and Pastry course offered by the Institute of Tourism Studies. The ITS also reserves the right to subject the candidate for an interview and/or an RPL procedure prior to acceptance.



Students who follow the Higher National Diploma programmes, as stated above, may join the Bachelor in Culinary Arts 2nd year if they are successful in their Higher National Diploma programme.

Students in Higher National Diploma, as stated above, who obtain passes in 60 ECTS may opt to join Bachelor on Culinary Arts 2nd year without completing the long essay and research methods modules. In such cases the said students, while being able to continue the degree programme, will not be able to graduate from Higher National Diploma until such time as the long essay and research methods modules are successfully completed.

Students who go through this option will need to do a 3-month placement in semester 3 before joining 2nd year.

Due to changes in relation to the covid-19 pandemic, and in view that A level exams will be held in September 2020, the Institute of Tourism Studies will be accepting applications on a provisional basis.

Between September 2020 and December 2020 if:

  1. A student does not achieve More then 36, the student will be redirected into an alternative program accordingly.
  2. A student gets between 36-43 points the student can continue through the 1st Year and ONLY if they pass from all 1st Year modules they can proceed to Year 2
  3. A student who achieve 44 Points or more will be able to proceed as per ITS Rules and Regulations.


Last Updated: 20th August 2020


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