Certificate in Events



Entry Point


MQF Level

Total Credits

Programme Duration
2 Semesters + LITP

Job Roles May Include

  • Events Personnel and Service
  • Events Assistant
  • Events Crew
  • Events Sales Assistant

Additional Information

A profiling interview upon admission may be conducted in order to better assist students with their learning process. Admissions of special cases will be referred to ITS’ Admissions Board.

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Understand basic theories and processes of personal events planning.
  • Apply knowledge and skills to effectively communicate with customers and colleagues in a professional manner.
  • Understand various event elements such as; food and beverage service, design and entertainment.
  • Follow legal requirements on safety, health and hygiene.
  • Apply basic sales and marketing principles to ensure the success of an event.

Entry Criteria

Successful completion of Foundation in Hospitality & Tourism (MQF Level 2).


Applicants who successfully achieve a Minimum of 5 O level subjects of which; 2 O level subjects shall include Hospitality, Mathematics, Maltese, English and/or Home Economics at MQF Level 3 (SSC&P level 3) and any other 3 O level subjects at MQF level 2 or better (SSC&P level 2).


Applicants who successfully achieve a minimum of 4 (four) O level subjects of which 1 (one) O level shall include Hospitality or Home Economics with a result of grade 1,2 or 3 (MQF level 3 / SSC&P Level 3) attained during the September 2020 examination session and any other 3 (three) O level subjects with any grade between 1 and 7 (MQF / SSC&P level 2 or better attained either by the respective secondary schools or MATSEC predictive assessment or during the September 2020 including English language, will be admitted to the certificate programme of their choice.


Successful completion of the Alternative Learning Programme Plus (ALP+), of which Hospitality should preferably be one of the vocational subjects chosen.


Apply as a mature student, at least 23 years of age by the beginning of the academic year applied for, and subject to proficiency and/or aptitude tests as per direction of the ITS. The ITS also reserves the right to subject the candidate for an interview prior to acceptance.

The successful completion of the Princes’ Trust programme is considered as equivalent to one O Level.



Last Updated: 8th April 2020


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