Diploma in Climate Friendly Travel

 in collaboration with SUNx



MQF Level

Total Credits

Programme Duration
2 Semesters + 1 Year IITP / LITP

This study programme's lecturers will be offered online

Job Roles May Include

  • Climate Friendly Travel Trainer
  • Sustainability Officer
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Officer


Programme Description

• Join the world’s first online course on Climate Friendly Travel – destined to become the “New Normal” in a Post-Pandemic, cleaner, greener, more responsible future.
• Prepare for careers in Sustainable Transport & Hospitality, or maybe government policy development, or destination management?
• Discover Climate Friendly Travel and how it fits with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.
• Explore Europe’s Green Deal and similar new Green regional policy thinking.
• Consider how transport can grow and become Climate Neutral.
• Study how clean energy will transform hotels and entertainment.
• See the benefits to local community livelihoods and nature conservation – as well the costs.
• Learn in interactive sessions with some of the top lecturers from around the world.
• Qualify for a year’s work experience with one of our leading-edge Sustainability Partners.
• Acquire new skills and qualifications to prepare for tomorrow’s Tourism industry.


Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Identify why climate change is a dominant issue on the global agenda and recognize its dominant impact on travel and tourism;
  • Review historical development and scientific evidence to understand the effects of climate change on the travel ecosystem, mobility, communities and hospitality services and vice versa;
  • Use appropriate cognitive and practical skills to influence and cause a change in the development of next-generation thinkers - ultimately educating them to implement green policies and become trainers for Climate Friendly Travel.
  • Understand the issue of sustainability through concepts of climate-friendly travel and key elements of the 2050 long-term strategy, as contained in the STGs and the Paris Climate Agreements.


Entry Criteria

Successful completion of one of ITS’ Certificate Study Programmes (MQF Level 3).


5 O level subjects at MQF level 3 (SSC&P level 3); of which (i) English language is compulsory, (ii) 2 O level subjects must include Geography, Environmental Studies, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, and/or Hospitality. For definition of MQF levels and grades, refer to page 64.


Apply as a mature student, at least 23 years of age by the beginning of the academic year applied for, and subject to proficiency and/or aptitude tests as per direction of the ITS. The ITS also reserves the right to subject the candidate for an interview prior to acceptance.


Guest Lectures