This information is for the attention of all students enrolled in the ITS Diploma Programmes.
The same information has been sent by email to all Diploma students on their ITS email address.



Alternative arrangement for the International Internship (IITP) for Diploma level students in view of the current situation due to covid-19.


Due to the exceptional circumstances engulfing Malta and the rest of the world at this moment in time, the ITS is issuing the following directions on an adhoc basis and binding only for students who enrolled at Diploma level in academic year 2019/2020 or were repeating their Diploma failed modules during their 2019/2020 and need to complete their IITP: 

a)      All students will have their IITP postponed and will be invited to enter directly into HND (if they successfully pass their modules at Diploma level as per regulations). 

b)     Following completion of the HND the student will be able to do the Diploma IITP (assuming that by summer 2021 everything will be hopefully back to normal) and after finishing the IITP graduate from both Diploma and HND. (One cannot graduate from HND without a complete diploma).

c)      In case were a student is offered an international placement or a local placement which commences by 1st October 2020, then the student will be allowed to take up the post. Students affected by the COVID-19 situation will be allowed to do a local placement instead of the international placement should they manage to secure a job. All internships need to be registered by the 7th August 2020 latest. Following this date this option will no longer be available.

d)     Students who do not wish to continue to HND level and who find a full time job will be able to contact the ITS and present the work experience in lieu of the IITP. After successful completion the student will be able to graduate from Diploma.



Last Updated: 6th April 2020




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