CS002 Food Hygiene Course Category B





To provide participants with a Food Handler’s Licence valid for five years. This will be issued by the Food Safety Commission on successful completion of the Food Handler’s Course.       

This Food Handler's course leads to a License B.



The topics covered are: 

  • Outline of legal aspects regarding food safety     
  • Types of contaminants  
  • Major frequent causes of food poisoning              
  • Bacteria, its formation and development              
  • Introduction to HACCP (A food management system)
  • Personal Hygiene            
  • Control measures against food poisoning             
  • Cleaning and disinfection             
  • Pest Control and waste management      


Intended for      

Food handlers involved in the preparation or manufacture of high-risk food and retailers and wholesalers that handle open (unwrapped) high risk-food. High-risk foods include products such as fresh cream, custards, meat (including poultry)and meat products (including sandwiches), egg and egg products (including sandwiches), rice dishes, fish and fish products, cheese and cheese products,milk and milk products and ice-cream. Category ‘B’ food handlers include those persons that are directly involved in the preparation of food such as chefs, cooks, kitchen assistants, bar staff that prepare food, pot-wash staff that handle food, catering supervisors, grocery sellers that handle open food,

ice cream and confectionery manufacturers and sellers, dairy products processors/manufacturers,and food handlers working in fish processing and meat products processing plants.



Must be literate and have a basic knowledge of English and/or Maltese.


Assessment Method



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