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This course, is ideal for someone who would like to grasp the basic theoretic and hands-on knowledge, at a fast pace, of both the Kitchen and Larder and Pastry and Baking courses. This course combines the two programmes, at a 10% reducion in price.
The first session of this course will be an introduction to kitchen skills, where the individual will learn the basics of kitchen skills. This will be most beneficial for beginners and persons who have never worked in an industrial setting.

Kitchen and Larder Desrciption

This course will provide learners with the basic theoretical knowledge on basic kitchen and larder principles, including the transference of heat, methods of cooking, food commodities, basic nutrition, kitchen equipment and organization.
This course is intended to offer basic knowledge and practical competencies in the food production and preparation area. The student will be guided with theoretical knowledge and practical demonstrations to produce different recipes thus practising different cooking methods throughout the course.

Pastry and Baking Description

This course is intended to offer basic theoretical knowledge in pastry production. Learners will acquire knowledge of the various sections within pastry such as the bakery, the confectionery, and the Glacier. They will also be taught how to identify specific equipment and ingredients for various standard recipes.
This course is intended to offer practical competencies in Pastry and Baking production through theoretical lectures and practical demonstrations. The learners will acquire the necessary skills and techniques required to prepare and present breads and desserts. Furthermore, the learner will be able to produce a range of desserts using baking and steaming methods of cookery.


  • Food Handler’s Licence B (if you do not possess a Food Handler's Licence, you may apply for the food handling course with ITS.)
  • Good knowledge of English Language.


Fifteen (15) weeks, 30 sessions (5 hours per session)

Sessions are held after 5pm.


Assessment Method

Coursework, practical examination and theory examination.


Course Fee

Reduced price of €756 from €840

This course is part of the GET QUALIFIED scheme – students can get 70% of their tuition fees back!

Applicants could be eligible for the 'Investing in Skills Scheme'. For further information one could visit the Jobsplus website. 

All courses include the use of specialised operating equipment and the provision of ingredients. Access to the Institutes changing rooms and lockers will be provided for day use only.  
Participants will be able to take home with them the finished product / outcome of the session. (food prepared)


Attire Requirements

Non-slip shoes (with enforced front end – NO sneakers/slippers), Full length apron, long-sleeve chef whites*, kitchen trousers*, scarf and chef’s hat.
*Candidates are to change into the chef whites on premises. No admittance to candidates entering school in whites.


Tool Requirements **

Pairing/Office knife, Chef’s/Chopping knife, Bread/serrated slicing knife, Filleting knife, Boning knife, speed peeler, Knife sharpener, palette knife.
Optional: Parisienne scoop, micro-plane grater, turning knife, cleaver

**Lecturers may ask for additional tools, which may be suitable for specialist courses

All courses include the use of specialised operating equipment and the provision of ingredients. Access to the Institutes changing rooms and lockers will be provided for day use only.  



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Please note that in all modular courses the amount of sessions and hours does not include the session for examination or practical assessment.  

In all instances ITS may decide to refrain from organising a particular course mentioned above in case the number of applicants is low or for any other reason it deems necessary.


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