Preparatory Course for the Bachelor in Culinary Arts (Hons)


Note: Students who will be doing the Advanced and Intermediate levels in September 2020, may upload their first year 6th Form results, or else an acceptance letter to show that they are following these subjects. In this way, applications will be considered on a provisional basis.


MQF Level
3 and 4

Total Credits

Programme Duration
12 Months + LITP

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Systematically prepare for advanced studies and further the education in the field of Culinary Arts.
  • Comprehensively understand core principles to comply with social, scientific, cultural and ethical values at the stages of gathering, interpreting, implementing, and declaring data in the field.
  • Systematically prepare to apply and use information and communication as required in this area of study.
  • Comprehensively equip learners with academic skills that are in line with MQF level 6 education

Entry Criteria

An ITS Diploma in Travel and Tourism, Rooms Division, Food and Beverage Service, or Events - MQF Level 4 (or equivalent).


An ITS Higher National Diploma or an equivalent qualification (MQF level 5)


A combination of a minimum of 2 Advanced and Intermediate levels, of which one needs to be an Advanced level (MQF level 4) pass, these must add to 22 points as per matrix provided on page 66; and passes at grade 5 (SSC&P level 3) or better in SEC examinations in English, Mathematics and Maltese.


Apply as a mature student, at least 23 years of age by the beginning of the academic year applied for, and subject to proficiency and/or aptitude tests as per direction of the ITS.



Study Programme

Full-Time EU Nationals

Full-Time Maltese Nationals and EU nationals (residing in Malta for at least 6 months

Full-Time Non-Eu National

 Part-Time EU National

Part-Time Non-Eu National

Preparatory Course for the Bachelor in Culinary Arts (Hons) 3


No Fee

€2,150 Per Semester


 €2,150 Per Semester


3   This study programme will not be available online. 

Study programme fees may be paid in equal instalments, either by semester or per 1 ECTS, depending on whether one follows a full-time or part-time programme. 


Last updated: 15/04/2020

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