The Centre for E-Learning Technologies (CELT)


Computer based approaches to teaching and learning have been a feature of curriculum development for the past thirty years. Following a considerable investment in teacher and student workstations over the past few years, the Institute of Tourism Studies has now embarked upon increasing the awareness and application of information and communications technologies as educational tools. 
Aims and Objectives 
The aims and objectives of CELT are: 
* To create and maintain a centre for e-learning and computer based learning with special emphasis on their use in the Tourism Industry,; 
* To develop courseware and software systems to support teaching and learning; 
* To carry out research into e-learning and computer based learning techniques; 
* To teach and promote the use of e-learning and computer based learning; 
* To promote the creation of the information society.  
CELT sets out to improve dissemination and networking with others in the field towards its own improvement, for the sharing of work carried out, to obtain feedback and stimulate debate. CELT particularly welcomes international collaboration and the challenges this brings to its work. 
CELT's research and development interests are varied and include: Distance-Learning, interface design, cultural adaptation and multimedia. 
The Centre for E-Learning Technologies also hosts a video-editing and compositing lab fully equipped for the production of live and animated features. 
The ITS eLearning site, ITSELNET, was developed as part of the MEDFORIST Project funded by the European Commission under the EUMEDIS Initiative. The objective of the Project is to build a Mediterranean Network of teachers in the field of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) applied to trade and industry. Through this site the Institute of Tourism Studies provides on-line learning opportunities for its students, and will eventually include opportunities for on-line workers for external students. 

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