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The Library facilities at the institute of Tourism Studies offer a wide range of books on all the subjects taught at the Institute. The Library’s mission is to support the Institute Of Tourism Studies’ teaching and research programmes by providing adequate scholarly information resources, emerging technologies and user support services.

As a customer-oriented and service-driven organisation, the Library is actively committed to teach users how to identify, locate, evaluate, use and synthesise information as the pivotal element of a knowledge-based society which is an asset for the prosperity of Malta’s intellectual and economic growth. 

The Library of the Institute of Tourism Studies contains print and electronic information in the fields related to catering, hospitality, tourism studies and Maltese culture (Melitensia collection). In particular, it specialises in food technology and techniques, tourist guiding, food and beverage service, and offers patrons books, journals, reference material, CD-ROM databases and all local newspapers.  

The Library’s mission is to support the ITS teaching and research programmes by providing adequate scholarly information resources, emerging technologies and user support services. As a customer-oriented and service- driven organisation, the Library is actively committed to teach users how to identify, locate, evaluate, use and synthesise information as the pivotal element of a knowledge-based society which is an asset for the prosperity of Malta’s intellectual and economic growth. 

The various collections are arranged on shelves in numerical sequences by their Dewey classification number. The labelled bookcases and shelves indicate the respective collections to help library users find what they are looking for more easily. Most of this collection can be taken out on loan for a maximum period of three (3) weeks. A range of periodicals related to catering, hospitality and tourism studies are also available for library users. 

In recent years, the Library has expanded its electronic resources and maintains a catalogue of its collection, as well as access to electronic journals. The Library is always striving to improve electronic accessibility to introduce a fully-fledged knowledge management and information environment. 

There is also a Resource room attached to the library with more computers available for student access. 

The services offered by Library staff include the management of the print and electronic collection, answering reference questions, direction to specific research sources, instructions on the use of electronic resources (Emerald Insight), and guidance on copyright issues.

To accomplish its mission as the information centre of the I.T.S, the Library strives for excellence to:

  • acquire and provide information resources which could be accessed physically and virtually;
  • extend the best customer service towards all Library users;
  • cater for the current and future teaching and research needs of patrons;
  • ensure the most effective use and dissemination of available information resources;
  • maintain a professionally trained Library staff to help promote its services effectively;
  • provide a supportive environment which is conducive to innovation and creativity, and which stimulates teaching, learning, study and research;
  • provide instruction in information retrieval;
  • liaise and collaborate closely with all stakeholders;
  • serve as a centre for life-long learning by developing and enhancing the information literacy skills of patrons;
  • stimulate continuing professional development, independent and self-directed learning both individually and collaboratively;
  • support freedom of expression.

Librarian in Charge:

Mr. Christopher Cilia



Assistance by Qualified Library Staff
Access catalogue (WISDOM)
Shelve Signs for collection
PCs for general use including Internet
PC Printing facilities B/W (€0.10/page)

PC Printing facilities colour (€0.30/page)
Photocopying facility B/W (€0.10/page)

Photocopying facility colour (€0.30/page)
Individual Study areas
Group Study areas
Lockers for Student bags
First aid
CCTV security coverage




1 October - 15 June
Monday to Friday  08:00AM – 4:00PM

16 June -30 September

Monday to Friday 08:00AM-01:30PM

*Closed on  Public Holidays




1. Permits
Library Users (who have a stipend) can make a Library Card at the Circulation Desk. Erasmus students (who do not get a stipend) can have a Library card against a 50.00Euro deposit which is fully refundable at the end of the course. This ensures that any damages/lost books can be paid from that amount – if applicable.

2. Loan of Items

  • At any one time authorized Library patrons may have in their possession not more than the number of items specified below

                a) a member of the I.T.S. Lecturers – (an academic year)
                b) all Library Patrons 3 (3 weeks) 
                The Director may adjust these allocations at his discretion.

  • Without prejudice to the provisions of this regulation, a loan may be renewed for a further period or periods. 
  • The Director may, at his discretion, restrict borrowing to short loans. The period for short loans shall be specified by the Director.
  • All items required for loan must be presented together with the patron’s Library card at the circulation desk.
  • Patrons may not take any item out of the Library without executing the appropriate loan procedure.  In the case of items which are not yet covered by the Library’s computerised system, their circulation and renewal shall continue to follow the ‘manual borrowing’ procedure of the circulation desk.
  • The stamped date-label indicate when an item is due for return, unless this date is subsequently superseded by a recall notification.  It is the responsibility of the borrower to ensure that items on loan are duly returned to the Library.
  • Any item on loan may be recalled, if required by another patron, or if required for teaching purposes, or if so requested by the Director.  Such items must be returned within one week from notification that the item is required by another patron, unless the date due for the return of that item falls beforehand.
  • All items must be returned to the Library site from which they were borrowed by the date specified.
  • Library patrons returning an item shall wait at the circulation desk for the library staff to tell him/her that the book has been returned. Any dumped books left at the circulation desk or any other place without being accounted for be considered as negligence by the library patron.
  • Library patrons shall be deemed to be in possession of an item computerised borrowing data have been removed from the Library's files.
  • A Library item shall not be transferred to another Library patron unless the item is returned and re-issued in the manner prescribed in these regulations.
  • If a book is retained beyond the loan-period without renewal, or kept beyond a recall deadline, a system of fines shall be applicable.  Non-settlement of fines shall lead to a blocking of the patron’s borrowing account until fines due are settled accordingly.
  • Without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph (16) of this regulation, any item on the open shelves may be borrowed on application to the circulation desk, provided that the item has been catalogued, classified and properly processed before being issued.
  • Notwithstanding the status of an item, the Director may, at his discretion, designate whether an item should be retained for in-house consultation only.  Such items may not be borrowed.
  • Registered students of the Institute must return any Library items still in their possession upon termination of their course of studies. The Institute may preclude students who do not abide by this regulation from graduating.



6. Custody of Items

  • Library patrons who borrow or consult an item are responsible for its safekeeping.  Mutilation of items is seriously offensive.
  • It shall be strictly forbidden to make or erase any mark in any printed item, make tracings or turn down the leaves.
  • Library patrons may not use ink while using items in such parts of the Library as designated by the Director.
  • Any reproduction of Library material, in whatever manner, is subject to the provisions of copyright law and the permission of the Director.
  • Library patrons shall be required to make good to the satisfaction of the Director any loss or damage which they may cause to any Library property including borrowed items.
  • Library patrons shall be held liable for any damages caused through misuse of the Library’s electronic services, systems and equipment.

7.  Patron Behaviour and Security


  • Except for those areas where group work is permitted, silence shall be maintained at all times in the Library. Mobile phones should be kept on silent mode.
  • Smoking, food and drinks are strictly forbidden in the Library.
  • Hand-phones must be switched off or put to silent mode within the Library premises.
  • Bags and parcels are not allowed inside the Library. We encourage students to use the lockers.
  • Other materials such as bags, umbrellas, laptop cases, crash helmets, etc., are not to be brought into the library. 
  • Users are not allowed to use other person’s library card.
  • Hiding or intentionally misplacing books or library materials is prohibited.
  • Library staff shall not accept articles for safekeeping.  The Library shall not be liable for any loss or damages incurred to the private property of patrons.
  • The Director shall be responsible for the administration and the internal discipline of the Library, and shall be authorised to exclude from the Library, and from all rights and privileges of membership, any patron infringing these Regulations or behaving inappropriately.
  • Library management accepts no responsibility for loss or damaged of any personal belongings left unattended in the Library.
  • Customers are not allowed to remove or change the placement of chairs, tables or any other furniture in the Library.
  • Users found mutilating or stealing Library materials/properties are liable to strict disciplinary action. 
  • All articles left in the reading area after the Library is closed can be claimed at the Circulation Counter. The articles will be handed over to the Security Department if not claimed within a week.

8. Opening Hours
The Library shall open on those days and hours as prescribed by the Director from time to time.

9. Deposit of Dissertations and Theses
The Institute shall deposit a copy of student dissertations and theses to the lectures/co-ordinators prescribed by I.T.S. statutes and regulations. The provisions of copyright law on the use of these dissertations and theses shall be respected.

10. Communications
All communications regarding the use of the Library shall be addressed to the Director.

Charges (fines) for overdue items:

Regular Loan

Three (3) weeks (Undergraduate)

€1.16 per book per week

Short Loan

Per Day

€0.58 per book per day



  • Regular Loan are to be taken out for a three weeks period of time, if there are no booking on that particular book it can be renewed for two more times thereafter.

Short Loan Books are to be taken out after 03:00PM and must be returned the following day before 09:00AM.




Mr. Christopher Cilia

Library & Teaching Resources Executive
Institute of Tourism Studies
The Library

Tel: +356 23793 304
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Mr. Laurence Baldacchino

Institute of Tourism Studies
Resource Room - The Library

Tel: +356 23793 114
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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