Report of the SALM – Skills and Labour Market to Raise Youth Employment held on 23-24 May 2013 

Purpose of the Meeting: This was the first face-to-face meeting for the SALM Project held at the Universita Degli Studi di Firenze, where all the Partners had the possibility to meet each other and discus the various work packages that constitutes the finalisation of the project.  

 Purpose of the mission 

The two day meeting served to clarify all the Partner’s Work Packages – their contribution to the project, the work that needs to be carried out (surveys, focus groups, reports, case studies, statistical information, dissemination of information on a local/regional level) and define the way forward, so that the Project will be a success.  

Deadlines for the completion of the work packages (WP) were set with clear milestones so that the Partners will deliver the required information, reports, statistics, etc., on time and as per set objectives.  

Objective/s of the mission or general overview of the mission 

SALM – stands for providing Skills and Labour Market to create/raise youth employment within EU states. This project was initiated in Portugal where like many other EU countries are facing high unemployment rates, especially in the age group 15-24years. Partner countries are Spain, Malta, Romania, Scotland, Italy and Germany. 

The prime objective is to address the issue of youth unemployment through Senior and Social Tourism i.e. through these demographic segments create long-term job opportunities for young people living in these countries e.g. by coming up with schemes for Senior/Social tourists to take their holidays in the Winter/shoulder months thus addressing the seasonality of tourism in the regions and guaranteeing a long-term employment. 

The project entails that every Partner contributes to an assigned Work Package (as stipulated in the official agreement) incorporating: toolkits, good practices, pilot project, case studies and focus group, validation and awareness, creation and maintenance of dedicated website, dissemination of ideas, quality and evaluation. All these work packages will finally be compiled in one working document which will be presented in Portugal end 2014 and the European Commission accordingly. 

Agenda Item number and Agenda item title  


Issues to be followed up by Malta or follow-up activities with tentative time frame  

Partner 3, the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) through its innovative high quality lifelong learning academic programmes develops people for tomorrow’s tourism industry. ITS directs resources towards the development of inclusive academic programmes which facilitate technical, generic and behavioural skills and competencies, integrate theory and practice and promote modern leadership approaches.  

ITS will be the responsible for and contribute to:  

  1. Work as a partner in WP1 and fulfil the specific legal, administrative and financial requirements as requested by the WP leader (WP1) –throughout the project 
  2. Set the methodology (template) for desk and field research (interviews with relevant stakeholders (WP2) – Q3, 2013  
  3. Set guidelines and implementation of the case study and focus group and contributions to the model building (WP3) – Q1, 2014 
  4. The coordination of WP4 and will be in charge of the guidelines to select the good practices (WP4) – Q4, 2013 
  5. Validate all toolkits (WP5) – Q1, 2014  
  6. The application of the pilot project and respective evaluation and outcome indicators validation (WP6) – Q1, 2014 
  7. The validation of the model through Advisory Board and implementation of Awareness actions (WP7) – Q1, 2014 
  8. The exploitation, disseminations and quality and evaluation activities as requested by the WP coordinators and will organise a dissemination seminar (WP8, 9, 10) – Q4, 2014 

 Please CLICK HERE if you would like to access the presentation given by the Maltese Delegation

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