Comenius Project


In September 2006, the European Parliament issued the European Commission to create urban environment policies in order to prevent and eliminate dirt and graffiti among others in European cities, along with other concerns over urban life. Considering that 80% of European population lives in cities it is clear that the phenomenon of graffiti is extremely relevant and urgent. 

ST.ART project aims at: 

  • raising young students’ awareness on street art forms as opposed to vandalism
  • combine their interest for the Internet and the web 2.0 technology with learning
  • raise awareness on their conscience as European citizens.

The project improves students’ transversal skills as digital, social and civic competences, entrepreneurship and creativity through the development of street art work in a virtual environment. The performing arts are used to carry the message and spread information in exciting visual ways that capture the attention of users. 


The training path is based on 3 training session: e-course and social area (in e-learning environment ) and art work performed (in Open Sim environment). 


  • E-learning course available on the virtual platform
  • Project work carried out by each student group and published in Open Sim Production of learning materials that will encourage participative learning

The impact of the project results is evaluated at local, national and EU level involving the Education Departments, teachers voluntary organizations, Art Research institutes. 

So far the traditional approach to e-learning has been to employ the use of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that is too often driven by the needs of the institution rather than by the individual learner. In contrast, elearning 2.0 takes a 'small pieces, loosely joined' approach that combines the use of discrete but complementary tools and web services - such as blogs, wikis, and other social software like virtual worlds - to support the creation of ad-hoc learning communities. 

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