Erasmus MODES Project

The Process of Bologna calls for an urgent reform of the higher education system so universities may become sources of change and innovation.

One of the strategic actions developed is the university curricula reform to tailor them with the requests coming from the labour market.

Nevertheless, relevant weaknesses are still detectable.

In fact, the programmes of most EU universities are still focused on teaching traditional scientific skills rather than paying attention to soft and complementary skills.

So, the objective of the MODES project is to integrate a common European programme on soft skills in the academic curricula and in the post-diploma supplement.

As result, a new curriculum will enrich the students' profile with new employment-oriented competencies (such as "Leadership, "Entrepreneur spirit", "ability to generate new ideas (creativity)").

The ModES project will aim to reach:

  • University education oriented to the needs and requests of companies.
  • Increased mobility of students and young professionals in Europe thanks to the soft skills form standardized and identified at a European level in the university curriculum.
  • Higher match between graduates' profiles and the labour market requests.
  • Higher relations between university and enterprises.
  • Modernisation of the university education with broader student abilities.

The curriculum will be developed starting with a participatory “university-professional” approach.

Background information will be:

  • Best practices based on educational methodologies concerning soft skills have already been implemented by some partners.
  • Interviews with companies and stakeholders to identify the most demanded soft skills in the workplace.

Concretely, MODES will reach these results:

  • Academic curriculum on soft skills in four languages (Italian, English, Spanish and Polish).
  • Prototype of a serious game on soft skills in four languages (Italian, English, Spanish and Polish) to learn those skills identified before in interviews with companies’ representatives.


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