Interreg Project

The project explored the potential in Malta and Sicily for “Integrated Relational Tourism” (IRT) which is a departure from traditional tourism, offering the tourist the possibility to immerse himself and taste local culture and traditions in the particular region or locale he/she is visiting. Through the integration of small and medium-sized operators and the use of advanced technology Integrated Relational Tourism aims to provide a future alternative yet sustainable form of tourism. 

The Project created guidelines and manuals mapping out Integrated Relational Tourism opportunities in Mediterranean Islands. Potential IRT assets in Malta were mapped out and placed in parallel with similar items in Sicily.  

A joint Sicily- Malta marketing plan was created as well as a marketing plan for joint Malta - Sicily IRT. The Project also provided an opportunity to provide diversified higher education studies in the IRT sector, destined for local public administrators, university researchers and those working in the sector. Six pilot Projects were launched towards the end of the Project. 

The Project promoted local traditions and cultural identity through the study of local knowledge bases and tastes, at the same time sensitizing public interest in the opportunities available for cross-border exchanges between Malta and Sicily. In this respect a number of pilot projects were planned as a demonstration of what could be achieved in this area. The Project also researched and promoted development models in the areas of cultural tourism and enogastronomy.  

ITS was the main Maltese partner

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