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As an International student, apart from choosing the right institution, it is also important to choose the right country for you to study in.

Malta is a small warm-weathered European island which lies in the centre of the Mediterranean. The Maltese archipelago consists of three habitable islands - Malta, Gozo and Comino, with a total population of nearly 450,000.1 The Maltese islands enjoy a pleasant, temperate climate, characterised by long, dry summers and short, mild winters and is considered the second safest country worldwide, as reported by the New Health in the 2019 Global Wealth Migration Review. 2 The population is friendly and welcoming and individuals who relocate here to study or to work describe the transition period almost as non-existent as they are immediately made to feel at home.


Why Malta?

  • A member of the European Union.
  • Well connected.
  • Second safest country worldwide.
  • Gastronomical Gem. When it comes to dining, Malta is an island of staggering options. The food scene is defined by an eclectic mix of Mediterranean cooking with strong Italian influences, fuelled by rich ingredients fresh from farm and sea. One may also find various restaurants offering vast international specialities, including Chinese, Indian, Thai and Indonesian. 
  • Average of 300 days of sun a year. Even in winter, Malta enjoys an average of 5 to 6 hours of sunshine and more than 12 hours a day in summer.
  • Surrounded by water, Malta is famous for its beautiful beaches.
  • Along with the Maltese language, English is Malta’s official language. 
  • A lot of things to do in your spare time! If you like the active lifestyle, you can enjoy a variety of sports and other leisure activities including hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, scuba diving, parasailing and windsurfing, amongst others. If you are more into the entertainment lifestyle, Malta is famous for the various events hosted and its nightlife. Not to mention the various restaurants, bars and cafés across the Maltese island, which secure a fun night out with friends or the perfect spot to network.


Choose the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

The Hospitality and Tourism Industry operates in a highly competitive environment and offers abundant opportunity for students seeking careers in a dynamic international industry. The travel and tourism industry will bring in myriad of excitement where you’ll be able to meet new people and perhaps even travel the world. You’ll learn about different cultures and backgrounds which will broaden your horizons and your outlook on life. This career path is one which can captivate and inspire you, and where you’re able to move into different fields of the industry. This industry is very diverse in terms of the different fields you can enter into. The industry is highly exciting, challenging and varied, and although it requires a lot of work and dedication, it is highly rewarding.

The economy in Malta, though small, is remarkably healthy and thriving, having proven mostly impervious to the upheavals that could shake the financial world.

This can be ascribed to the fact that the economy is diversified, where a downturn in any one sector is compensated for by continued strong performance in other areas. Tourism provides the backbone to the Maltese economy framework, an industry which is growing all year round and not just seasonal. The tourism industry had a total contribution to GDP of over 27% in 2018.

In 2019, Malta had 2.7million inbound tourist, and over 150,000 increase from the previous year.

In the last decade, tourism in Malta has doubled in volume and grown faster during off-peak seasons.



10 Successful Years of Constant Tourism Growth 


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