This information is for the attention of all students enrolled in the ITS Higher National Diploma in Tour Guiding students.
The same information has been sent by email to the above mentioned students on their ITS email address.


Information in relation to Higher National Diploma in Tour Guiding students' work placement in view of the current situation due to covid-19.


In view of the current situation which is affecting the tourism and hospitality sectors very negatively, as a onetime measure and on an ad hoc basis decision the Institute of Tourism Studies has decided that this year’s work placement will be cancelled.

Instead of the work placement students will be given the following options:

a)      If you have worked any hours in a job related to the hospitality / tourism sector during the past 12 months you can produce evidence of such work (in the form of payslips or other documents as requested by Ms Tara Portelli) and if you have enough hours to cover the work placement requirement (280h) these will be taken in lieu of your work placement.

b)     If you are new to the industry and have never worked in any position during the past twelve months you will be given the opportunity to substitute the working requirement with an assignment of not less than 2500 words.  Details on this assignment will be sent to you by  Ms Tara Portelli in the coming weeks.

c)      If during the past twelve months you did work in any job related to the tourism / hospitality sector but you did not accumulate enough hours, but have more than 100 hours clocked in, these hours will be partly taken into consideration in lieu of your work placement together with an assignment which will be communicated to you in the coming weeks of not less than 1000 words.

d)     If, in spite of the situation, you manage to secure a job for the summer months, which job is related to the hospitality industry, you will be able to liaise with Ms Tara Portelli and if the placement is accepted by the Institution you will be able to carry out a normal work placement.




Last Updated: 9th April 2020




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