Travel and Tourism has More Hope than Fear

Article by Diploma in Climate Friendly student, Mark Bibby Jackson.

Climate hope. This is the key lesson to be drawn from the first ever Climate Friendly Travel Diploma course launched by SUNx Malta earlier this year. Like many of the participants – and perhaps some of the organisers – I little knew what to expect from the course when I enrolled. I certainly did not imagine the key message to be one of hope.

Climate-friendly travel scholarships offered by the Institute for Tourism Studies




Press release by the Ministry for Tourism and Consumer Protection 

At a press conference at the Gozo Campus of the Institute for Tourism Studies, Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Julia Farrugia Portelli launched the government’s continuous effort towards climate-friendly travel through 30 scholarships aimed at mitigating climate change.

Press Release by the Ministry for Tourism and Consumer Protection




Recovery sessions

During a press conference that was held at the Institute of Tourism Studies at the Gozo Campus in Qala, Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Julia Farrugia Portelli announced that practical recovery sessions shall start from the 1 st of September 2020. These sessions are part of the vocational programmes at ITS and are intended to cover the previously missed sessions that should have been held during the second semester of the previous academic year, which were subsequently suspended due to the pandemic. 179 students will be commencing these recovery sessions which will amount to 160 sessions in three different areas of study.

Accredited Training Programme for Real Estate Agents Launched




Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg, Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Julia Farrugia Portelli and Parliamentary Secretary for Lands and Construction Chris Agius launched a training programme for real estate agents which will be accredited by the Institute for Tourism (ITS) at Level 4 on the Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF Level 4) and which will be given by the same institute through collaboration with the MDA Academy. The course is three months long, with two lessons a week. Applicants may choose to attend the course in the morning or in the evening. Lessons will be offered through various modes of blended learning. This follows a reform in the sector led by Parliamentary Secretary Agius in the last weeks.

Online Learning at ITS a success – Positive Student Survey


In a press conference, the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS), together with the Ministry for Tourism and Consumer Protection, announced that a recent survey confirmed that ITS students are extremely satisfied with how the institute handled the current Covid-19 situation, especially through online lectures.

Responding to survey questions, it has been found that 99.1% of students are following online lectures and 85% of students are satisfied with how the Covid-19 situation was handled by ITS.

ITS students studying abroad return to Malta


Throughout the past few weeks, the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) has been in contact with its students who had been abroad for study purposes. The Institute made the appropriate arrangements for all students to return to Malta, in view of the current COVID-19 outbreak. Considering the situation, the Institute announced that such a disruption in the students’ internship would not affect the students’ successful completion of their study programme. 

As part of their programme of studies, Institute of Tourism Studies students undergo an international internship and there are also students who go abroad for a semester with collaborative Institutions and Universities. In view of this, the Institute had multiple students in various countries across Europe.

ITS students will continue with their studies online

In view of the current directives by the Maltese Government due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS), just like all other Higher Education Institutions, have closed their doors. This, however, will not impact the ITS students’ learning.

ITS CEO, Mr Pierre Fenech, said that thanks to the ITS' dedicated team of academics, ITS has been preparing and using online teaching for the past two years. In view of current school closures, the Institute is making use of its official digital tools to teach exclusively online for the time being.

All ITS students are able to proceed with their learning at the comfort of their home. In fact, ITS lecturers will be able to employ different modes of online teaching.

Online learning commenced on Monday 16th March, and Mr Fenech stated that the first day ran smoothly and positive feedback from both lecturers and students has been received.

The Institute has also made arrangements for Bachelor Degree students who were studying at the Institut Paul Bocuse in France, and safely arrived in Malta last week, so they will be able to continue their studies locally and students studying at the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Finland will be continuing their studies online through a dedicated platform.

Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection, Hon. Julia Farrugia Portelli, stated that the Institute had invested in technology which makes online learning possible. This technology was already in use prior to the current events and its use has now been extended to deliver online lectures offering minimal disruption to students’ learning.

This is being done in agreement with the MUT and ITS academics, in the best interest of the Institute's students.


17th March 2020

ITS Graduation – The First ITS Bachelor’s Degree Graduates and a Certificate with a link to the Blockchain Certificate

The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) held its graduation ceremony, where it saw over 200 students graduate in various courses ranging from Foundation to Bachelor’s Degree level. This year, the ceremony is paramount, due to the fact that it saw the first ITS Bachelor’s Degree student cohort graduate, and for the first year ever, ITS students’ certificates have a QR code linked to their blockchain certificate.

Over 80% increase in new full-time students studying with ITS Malta.

On Friday, 20th September, the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) opened the academic year with a Freshers’ party and an opening ceremony to welcome its new and returning students. This year, the institute has welcomed over 80% more new students when compared to students from previous academic years. This increase in new applications may be seen in all the various courses offered by the Institute, which range from foundation to bachelor’s degree level. The applications will remain open a week after the MATSEC results are issued, and thus, the percentage increase is expected to grow even further.


More than 53% increase in new applications with the Institute of Tourism Studies.

The Institute of Tourism Studies has announced that it had an increase of 53% applications for full-time programmes over last year’s new students’ intake.


The programmes with the highest increase in new applicants include the Certificate in Travel and Tourism, the Higher National Diploma in Tour Guiding, and the Bachelor in Culinary Arts which is offered in collaboration with the Institut Paul Bocuse in France.


Due to an overwhelming demand, the Institute will extend its applications deadline till the 31st August 2019. Prospective students may apply online at


ITS CEO, Mr Pierre Fenech stated, “We are very pleased with this increase in new students, who have chosen to entrust ITS to start or further their studies within the tourism and hospitality industry. We are positive that this will be a rewarding step, which will help our students to spread their wings onto a successful career, just like we have seen with past ITS students. We look forward in welcoming both current and prospective students on campus later on next month.”


The Hon. Minister for Tourism, Dr Konrad Mizzi said that the fact that the number of applications for courses at ITS have increased substantially is very encouraging. This is a clear signal that more and more students are being enticed by careers in the hospitality and tourism sector.


Dr Mizzi continued by saying that the ITS is preparing for this increased demand by offering new and innovative courses from Foundation level going up to Masters. This year the Institute has launched a Masters course in International Hospitality Management in collaboration with the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management.

MBB-ITS Host Food Waste Reduction Seminar

On Wednesday 12th June 2019, the Malta Business Bureau (MBB) and the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) hosted a food waste reduction seminar, in collaboration with the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA). The objective of this information seminar was to introduce the LIFE FOSTER project to businesses, and to highlight how it will provide both immediate and long-term benefits to the Maltese hospitality sector.

Opening the event, ITS CEO Pierre Fenech said, “It is great seeing a lot of workers from the hospitality industry, who have shown interest in learning more on what can be done to reduce the food waste problem.  As ITS, our role is not just educating tomorrow’s industry workers but also to continue educating those already in the industry with new skills sets. We currently have two lecturers who have received training and who will be passing on this knowledge to other lecturers and students. We will soon be hosting workshops for individuals in the hospitality industry to spread the know-how to reduce food waste in the industry.”  

MBB CEO Joe Tanti highlighted the importance of tackling commercial food waste, which he described as “a challenging topic which tangibly affects businesses’ bottom line.” He added that “providing businesses with practical food waste reduction techniques will not only enable them to make an environmental contribution, but will also boost the efficiency of their operations and cut costs.”

Mr Tanti left the floor to Claire Briffa and Gabriel Cassar, ITS and MBB project managers respectively, to present LIFE FOSTER in greater detail. Ms Briffa introduced the strong educational element behind the project, which will eventually provide significant long-term benefits for the hospitality sector. On his part, Mr Cassar outlined how the project will also offer immediate and tangible benefits to businesses, through dedicated training activities and student placements.

ITS Lecturers David Pace and Ronald Briffa briefly touched upon their experience during an intensive one-week training course on food waste reduction, provided by the Italian University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) as part of LIFE FOSTER. They emphasized that food waste is a multi-layered issue, with waste being generated at several steps along the food service chain. This increases the need for flexibility, innovation and creativity when designing recipes.

Representing the MHRA, Vince Lungaro Mifsud expressed his organization’s full support towards the LIFE FOSTER project, and augured that it will result in real reductions in food waste levels, contributing towards the continuous development of a key economic sector in Malta.


12th June 2019.

ITS students experience Finnish education system

Article by Stephanie Fsadni from Times of Malta.

Izilda Massafelli Ribeiro, 23, is one of the ITS students who has spent four months at the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

The Finnish education system is ranked among the best in the world and has been a top performer since the first Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) triennial international survey started in 2000.

The Institute of Tourism Studies signs agreement with the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management.

During the same press conference, ITS also launches new logo and Prospectus for year 2019-2020 along with its campaign for the coming year.


In photo from left to right: ITS Chairman Mr Carlo Micallef, ITS CEO Mr Pierre Fenech, Minister for Tourism Dr Konrad Mizzi, EAHM Executive Dean and Associate Professor Dr Scott Richardson, Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat, Consul General for Malta in Dubai Mr Anthony Tabone.


In a press conference, held in the presence of the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, and Minister for Tourism Konrad Mizzi, the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) signed an agreement with the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM). This will result in ITS launching its first ever Master Degree Programme, as well as enhancing the academic programmes already available.

ITS Hosts an International Conference Discussing a Number of Issues Pertaining to the Operation of Tourist Guides

The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) has hosted the 6th International Research Forum for Guided Tours, where a number of issues pertaining to the operation of Tourist Guides and their role within the tourism industry have been discussed.

The International Research Forum for Guided Tours was originated by a small dedicated group of researchers in Halmstad University Sweden back in 2009. Since then, it has developed into a bi-annual mobile conference, where people from throughout the world meet to explore and discuss Guided Tours. The conference has travelled to Plymouth, UK, Breda, Holland, Portugal, Denmark and now also Malta.

EU LIFE FOSTER Project launched – Malta Business Bureau and Institute of Tourism Studies collaborate to tackle food waste in hospitality

The Malta Business Bureau (MBB) and the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) this morning launched their participation in the EU LIFE FOSTER Project. The objective of this three-year project is to support the reduction of food waste in Malta.

In Photo: MBB President Simon Decesare, MBB CEO Joe Tanti, ITS CEO Pierre Fenech and ITS Corporate Services Director Claire Briffa, this morning launched the Maltese participation in the EU LIFE FOSTER Project.

ITS Graduation – Graduates receive a blockchain certificate as well as the printed certificate.

Over 260 students have successfully completed their studies with the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) and graduated during a ceremony held on the 3rd of December at the MCC in Valletta.

Apart from the printed certificates, for the second consecutive year, ITS has also issued a blockchain certificate for all its graduates. This makes the Institute of Tourism Studies the first Hospitality institute to do so globally.

ITS students meet with representatives from the Tourism and Hospitality Industry at the Institute of Tourism Studies campus in Ħal Luqa.

For the third consecutive year, the Institute of Tourism Studies has hosted an Industry Student Meet-up, at the ITS Malta campus in Ħal Luqa. This activity brings together the industry, including various 4 and 5 star hotels as well as businesses coming from the wider hospitality sector, to meet with ITS students and explore ways how to establish a relationship which will eventually not only benefit the students learning outcomes but also possibly lead to a career within their company.

ITS New Campus Officially Inaugurated

On Thursday 11th October, the Institute of Tourism Studies’ new campus in Ħal Luqa was officially inaugurated by the Minister for Tourism, the Honourable Dr Konrad Mizzi, in the presence of UNTWO Secretary General, Mr Zurab Pololikashvili. The move to this new campus was announced late last year with the aim of increasing the capacity and location site until the campus in Smart City is completed.

Collective Agreement Signing between ITS and MUT

Following over a year of discussions, the Institute of Tourism Studies and the Malta Union of Teachers sign a collective agreement for ITS academics. The collective agreement was approved with absolute majority by academics. For the first time, ITS academics will benefit from conditions at par to their counterparts in other Higher Educational Institutions in Malta. This collective agreement will be in effect as from 1st January 2017, with a five-year term. 

The Institute of Tourism Studies Launches its Prospectus for Full Time Programmes for Year 2018-2019

The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) has just launched its prospectus for full time programmes for this coming academic year 2018/2019. The ITS’s main responsibility is to provide the tourism and hospitality sector with professional personnel capable of guaranteeing an excellence in the standard of products and services offered within the Hospitality Industry. 

ITS Bachelor Students Off to Study in France and Finland.


Five ITS students, currently following a Bachelor in Culinary Arts, have just flown off to France to study for 4-months at the Institut Paul Bocuse. The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) launched its first three degree programmes last year, in collaboration with top renowned international universities and institutes, which makes this the first intake to undertake these studies abroad. The Bachelor in Culinary Arts is brought in collaboration with the Institut Paul Bocuse, where ITS students will get the opportunity to study and obtain a wider experience at a world-renowned institute, during their three-year degree programme.

The President of Malta visits the Institute of Tourism Studies on the occasion of a corporate social responsibility activity organised by the institute.


This initiative was also carried out last year, with all proceeds going towards The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, and is organized by students and employees to form part of the Corporate Social Responsibility program within the Social Committee at ITS.


A seminar held by ITS, aiming at improving the future for tourist guiding.

On the occassion of international tourist guide day, the Institute of Tourism Studies hosted a public half-day seminar with the aim of uniting licenced tourist guides and related stakeholders in order to discuss the state-of-play in this sector. This seminar was addressed by 5 speakers, namely from the Malta Tourism Authority, Malta Union of Tourist Guides, University of Malta and two ITS tourist guiding students. This event is considered a success, with over 70 attendees, 24 of which were licensed tourist guides.

Over 250 students graduate from the Institute of Tourism Studies.

Over 250 students have successfully completed their studies with the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) and graduated during a ceremony held on the 4th of December at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. The event was held under the auspices of Minister for Tourism Hon. Dr Konrad Mizzi. The number of graduates is significantly larger than that of last years’, where the number of graduates was that of over 120. Graduates this year consisted of 53% males and 47% women, with the most students graduating from the programme Diploma in Food Preparation and Production Operations.

Institute of Tourism Studies receives sponsored food smoker machine from WorldWide Company Limited


The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) receives a Bradley Smoker Machine, sponsoredby WorldWide Company Limited which was needed for the institute’s students learning processes. The smoker machine is currently being used by Higher National Diploma students during one of their modules which includes teaching of larder preparation, involving smoking as one of the techniques used for preserving food. The smoker is an insulated smoker oven designed to automatically generate a continuous flow of clean smoke.

Intake of over 130 students for bachelor degrees programme with the Institute of Tourism Studies.

Today marked the first day for the newly launched Bachelor Degrees programmes with the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS). Over 130 individuals are now starting one of three Bachelor Degree programmes with ITS. This year, ITS launched its first ever Bachelor Degree programmes, namely in Gastronomy, International Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts. 

ITS announces extended registration dates due to a grand response


The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) has announced that the registrations for the scholastic year 2017-2018 will be extended by one week due to the grand response received this year. Registration dates for new applicants will now be open between Monday 17th July 2017 and Friday 4th August 2017. Whereas, current ITS students, who intend to pursue their studies further, may apply between Monday 7th August and Friday 11th August. Current students who intend to further their studies with the newly launched degree programmes, may do so until the 30th of June.


ITS announces Registration Dates and Information Sessions for this Coming Scholastic Year.

The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) has announced that the registrations for the scholastic year 2017-2018 will be open between Monday 24th July 2017 to Friday 4th August 2017 for new applicants. Whereas, current ITS students, who intend to pursue their studies further, may apply between Monday 7th August and Friday 11th August. Current students who intend to further their studies with the newly launched degree programmes, may do so until the 30th of June.


L-ewwel ftehim kollettiv għal madwar 110 ħaddiem amministrattiv tal-ITS f’sitta u għoxrin sena

Fl-okkażjoni tal-iffirmar tal-ftehim kollettiv mal-General Workers’ Union (GWU) għall-istaff amministrattiv tal-Istitut ta’ Studji Turistici (ITS), il-Ministru għat-Turiżmu Edward Zammit Lewis stqarr li dan huwa pass importanti għall-ħaddiema fi ħdan l-ITS li trawwem l-istudenti turistiċi għal futur fi ħdan l-industrija tat-turiżmu.

Dan il-ftehim se jidħol fis-seħħ mill-1 ta’ Jannar 2017 b’terminu ta’ ħames snin, fejn se jtejjeb sostanzjalment il-kundizzjonijiet tal-ħaddiema amministrattivi tal-ITS, saħaq il-Ministru għat-Turizmu Edward Zammit Lewis. Huwa fakkar li dan huwa l-ewwel ftehim kollettiv f’dawn l-aħħar sitta u għoxrin sena, fejn l-ITS ikkonkludiet b’suċċess matul din l-amministrazzjoni.

Launching degree programmes at ITS for the first time to ensure more success for our hospitality students

Minister for Tourism Edward Zammit Lewis launched the first ever degree courses at the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) in the presence of United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Secretary-General Mr Taleb Rifai.


Minister for Tourism Edward Zammit Lewis said that the primary function of ITS is to ensure that our tourism industry can benefit from the contribution of employees who are qualified and well-trained to carry out their respective jobs, and to develop the range of courses and programmes accordingly. ‘To carry out its mission effectively, the Institute interacts constantly with the tourism industry through its Scientific Committee, to ensure that its programmes of study satisfy the standards required to achieve excellence within the industry.’


The Institute of Tourism Studies Launches a New Course for Real Estate Agents

The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) has launched a new accredited award for real estate agents and consultants. The award, is open for those already working in the real estate industry and prospective agents and consultants who would like to improve their knowledge and skills through an accredited award. The award was developed by ITS following demand by real estate agencies to bridge an existing knowledge and skills gap when dealing with potential foreign real estate clients who are interested in buying property in Malta and Gozo. The award includes modules from the HND in Tour Guiding course and specific industry related module, Successful real estate selling skills.   


Official Launch of the International School of Diving Safety and Medicine (ISDSM)formed between The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) & Divers Alert Network (DAN) Europe.

Following a signing of a Memorandum of Understanding last year The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) and the Divers Alert Network (DAN) Europe Foundation have now signed an agreement that officially launched the International School of Diving Safety & Medicine (ISDSM) which will be operating under the Institute of Tourism Studies and based in the ITS Qala Campus in Gozo. This will be a premiere school that will make the Maltese Islands a hub for diving excellence worldwide. The agreement was signed during an event held at the Institute’s Campus in Qala, Gozo, in the presence of Dr Christian Zammit on behalf of Minister Refalo.

Signing of Agreement between the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) and the Online & Live Casino Academy (OLCA).

“The aim of this cooperation is to create a specialised workforce for the casino tourism market segment”

Minister for Tourism Edward Zammit Lewis and Minister for Competitiveness and Digital, Maritime and Services Economy Emmanuel Malliapresided over the signing of agreement between the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) and the Online & Live Casino Academy (OLCA).

Launch of 'Recognition for Prior Learning'

“This initiative will make it possible for experienced workers within the tourism industry to obtain formal accredited qualifications”

During the launch of ‘Recognition for Prior Learning’ initiative at the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS), the Minister for Tourism Edward Zammit Lewis stated that a major critical factor to our current success in tourism are our human resources that deliver the range of products and services associated with this industry.

Il-President ta’ Malta, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, bi zjara fl-Istitut għall-Istudji Turistiċi

Il-President ta’ Malta, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, żaret l-Istitut għall-Istudji Turistiċi, fejn kienet milqugħa fost l-oħrajn mill-Ministru għat-Turiżmu. Il-President Coleiro Preca u l-Ministru Zammit Lewis żaru t-tħejjijiet u l-preparamenti ta’ ħelu tradizzjonali ta’ żmien il-Għid.
Din l-attitività hija mmirata għall-Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, u hija organizzata mill-istudenti u l-impjegati li jiffurmaw parti mill-programm Responsabbiltà Soċjali Korporattiva fi ħdan il-Kumitat t’Attivitajiet Soċjali fl-ITS.

Student Sponsors

Become a Student Sponsor

The Institute for Tourism Studies (ITS) and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) invite business organisations to submit their proposals for the sponsorship of ITS Students throughout their study programmes. These sponsorships are aimed at encouraging collaboration between the Institute and the Industry such that both can benefit from a rich human resource.


Through their sponsors students will gain hands-on experience directly from the local industry and develop skills that meet industry needs directly. Thus, businesses participating in the programme have the opportunity to shape the future of their own industry by ensuring that their future employees graduate from school having already learnt the skills they need and the ropes of the particular roles they will be employed in. 


  • A call by ITS for expression of interest has been issued for all businesses that wish to enter into this sponsorship scheme.  
  • Businesses who apply must indicate the number of students they are looking to sponsor in the various streams.
  •  Business participating in the scheme are expected to:
    1. Employ the student(s) with them on a part-time basis for the duration of the sponsorship.
    2. Enable the sponsored students to work with them during Christmas and Easter (and other school holidays).
    3. Provide the student with on-the job experience within their organisation during the student’s Local Industry Training Programme (LITP).
  • Participating businesses will also have the right of first refusal to select a partner organisation with which the student can have his foreign internship, as part of the student’s programme of study with ITS. 

Sponsored students will be bound to work with their sponsor for 2 years after the successful attainment of their Higher National Diploma (HND).

Following the call for expression of interest a special event will be organised at ITS whereby all companies participating in the scheme will be given the opportunity to speak to students, in the form of interviews. During these talks participating businesses will be entering into negotiation with the students personally. 

Business will thus also have the opportunity of deciding by how much the student should be sponsored. It is purely a Student to Business relationship. 


Download an application form from here.


The Institute of Tourism Studies has announced that it will be accepting late registrations for the scholastic year 2015-2016 between Monday 24th August 2015 and Friday 28th August 2015.  

Applications will be accepted in the following courses only:


  • Certificate in Rooms Division
  • Certificate in Events & Leisure
  • HND in Hospitality Management
  • HND in Tour Guiding


Students interested in applying for these courses are invited to submit their duly filled application forms in person to ITS Registrar.

Application forms and a copy of the prospectus can be downloaded from this website:


Prospectus 2015-2016

Further information can also be obtained by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling +356 2379 3100/3111/3333.

Meanwhile, student support services at ITS are also available through the summer and the scholastic year, to help students benefit the most from their experience at the Institute.








ITS & MHRA Collaboration for Students Sponsorships

The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) have started a collaboration from which both the students and the industry will reap benefits. The collaboration was effectively launched yesterday at an event held at the Ministry For Tourism and address by Tourism Minister Dr Edward Zammit Lewis, MHRA President Tony Zahra and ITS Executive Director Pierre Fenech.

Through this collaboration, ITS Students will benefit from sponsorships by the local tourism and hospitality businesses, helping them from the very start of their studies to get essential hands-on experience in their chosen fields. At the same time, this same process will also ensure that tourism and hospitality industry has a choice of knowledgeable, experienced and well-trained professionals, who will themselves become the industry leaders in the future.  

The collaboration between ITS and MHRA has been planned such that already from the enrollment process, which will be held via an interview with the sponsoring businesses, through to the whole duration of the sponsorship, students embark on a learning journey hand in hand with the local industry and develop skills that meet industry's current and future demands directly.

 Memorandum of Understanding signed between ITS & MHRA, at Ministry for Tourism

At the signing event. Photo: DOI


The sponsorships, in fact, comprise more than a simple process of placements within the industry. Students will benefit not only from a sponsorship over and above their stipends but also from the possibility of working part-time with their sponsor while they further their studies. Moreover, ITS students sponsored by the participating businesses will also have peace of mind that comes from knowing that they have a job awaiting them immediately upon graduating from their Higher National Diploma.

Minister Edward Zammit Lewis said that, "this partnership is a guarantee that ITS will evolve in line with the industry's evolution, while at the same time it will support the industry as a professional institution that the industry can turn to for research and training in this sector."

The benefits from this collaboration between ITS and MHRA extend also to the participating business  who will now have the opportunity to shape the future of their industry by ensuring that their future employees graduate from school having already learnt the skills they need and the ropes of the particular roles they will be in. There is also a financial benefit for participating businesses, who through their investment in ITS students will enjoy a professional and experienced workforce that does not require extensive training from scratch, resulting thus in lower long-term training costs.

The collaboration between MHRA and ITS will ultimately ensure that more students become professionals in the tourism and hospitality sectors, thus addressing the short supply of talent that business face year in year out in their operations. This initiative offers also a better insight to students into what the tourism can offer them u helps students choose a career that is essential to the country.







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