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The Institute for Tourism Studies (ITS) and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) invite business organisations to submit their proposals for the sponsorship of ITS Students throughout their study programmes. These sponsorships are aimed at encouraging collaboration between the Institute and the Industry such that both can benefit from a rich human resource.


Through their sponsors students will gain hands-on experience directly from the local industry and develop skills that meet industry needs directly. Thus, businesses participating in the programme have the opportunity to shape the future of their own industry by ensuring that their future employees graduate from school having already learnt the skills they need and the ropes of the particular roles they will be employed in. 


  • A call by ITS for expression of interest has been issued for all businesses that wish to enter into this sponsorship scheme.  
  • Businesses who apply must indicate the number of students they are looking to sponsor in the various streams.
  •  Business participating in the scheme are expected to:
    1. Employ the student(s) with them on a part-time basis for the duration of the sponsorship.
    2. Enable the sponsored students to work with them during Christmas and Easter (and other school holidays).
    3. Provide the student with on-the job experience within their organisation during the student’s Local Industry Training Programme (LITP).
  • Participating businesses will also have the right of first refusal to select a partner organisation with which the student can have his foreign internship, as part of the student’s programme of study with ITS. 

Sponsored students will be bound to work with their sponsor for 2 years after the successful attainment of their Higher National Diploma (HND).

Following the call for expression of interest a special event will be organised at ITS whereby all companies participating in the scheme will be given the opportunity to speak to students, in the form of interviews. During these talks participating businesses will be entering into negotiation with the students personally. 

Business will thus also have the opportunity of deciding by how much the student should be sponsored. It is purely a Student to Business relationship. 


Download an application form from here.

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