Statement to All ITS Students


Dear Student,


First of all, on behalf of the CEO and the rest of ITS management team, I would like to thank you all for your cooperation and adherence to the regulations.  This email is further to those sent previously and its aim is to clarify the following:


  1. All ITS students are definitely aware of the regulations and each student, on acceptance to the course, signed and accepted a document that explained rules and regulations which also included a reference to uniform regulations.
  2. During the exams of Monday 11th June invigilators noted that a considerable number of students were not wearing uniforms or only partially wearing uniforms. 
  3. On the same day these students were allowed to sit for the exams without any consequences.  All students were given this concession in order so as to not disrupt their examinations. In the meantime in the afternoon an email was sent to all students to ask everyone to adhere to the regulations and come to ITS wearing the proper uniform and which reminded all students about what the regulations stated vis-à-vis uniforms and examinations.
  4. Following this almost all students cooperated and followed the regulations to the letter.
  5. Unfortunately on Thursday 14th a number of students decided to once again ignore the regulations. The number of students was once again quite significant. From yesterday’s communication everyone now knows what happened and the concession that ITS once again issued to students.  All the examinations will be finalised by next week as explained in yesterday’s communication.
  6. On a positive note today there were barely any incidents concerning uniforms or any other issues. Practically all the students followed the directions given to them very responsibly and in a correct manner as it should always be.  It is of course expected that as explained in yesterday’s communication, which of course still holds, everyone keeps this up.


As a conclusion ITS would like to thank all of you who have always cooperated with us, and all those who have understood the importance of adhering to regulations.  The Institute of Tourism Studies is an education institution with a proud heritage and its rules and regulations are there to guide students for their careers and nurture a backbone of proper industrial practice, and this is why we expect everyone to understand the importance of such things.



Thanks to all and regards,

The Registrar's Office


15th June 2018

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