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Due to the recent announcement of the new COVID-19 restrictions by the Government, the restaurants will be closed between 5th of March till 11th of April. 


At ITS we have three restaurants and a café which are open to the public. These are operated by lecturers and their students, as part of our students’ study programmes. Two of our restaurants and café may be found at the ITS campus in Ħal Luqa, Malta and another restaurant may be found at the ITS campus in Qala, Gozo.

During the school year, each one of our restaurants offers its unique lunching and dining experiences. Each restaurant offers a selection of refined dishes throughout the academic year and all at affordable prices.

Students from various culinary, pastry-making, management and service programs handle the preparation of the dishes and desserts, as well as their service, as part of their practical courses. This is done according to the class schedule and study programmes, which is why menus and restaurant operations change according to the day and time of year.

Come and enjoy the different eating experiences at one of the Institute's teaching restaurants, for the refinement of our dishes and service, as well as the unbeatable quality-price ratio and the satisfaction of helping train the next generation of professionals!


Please Note: While ITS tries to keep changes to a minimum, occasionally, prices, menus or menu items may change within very short notice due to factors related to academic needs, seasonality, availability of items, events or otherwise. Patrons are encouraged to check our Facebook pages for the latest updates.

Due to covid-19 restrictions and protocols, the Institute may be required to cancel reservations. Patrons will be informed of this via telephone or email at the earliest time possible.


Restaurants and Cafe in Ħal Luqa, Malta

The Voyage Restaurant, one of the Institute of Tourism Studies’ training restaurants, will extend a true journey of foods. This restaurant exposes the Institute’s students to deliver a multitude of acquired skills, which varies from the art of plating food to that of composing dishes right in front of the custom. 

Open for both lunch and dinner time, the Voyage offers a rotational prixe fixe menu, which is enhanced by an unrivalled service flair. Mouth-watering recipes are prepared by the students on the day, and it is reflective of the students gastronomic interest and exposure. During the evenings, one can expect to take a tasting menu journey of courses ranging from an amuse-bouche to a set of delicately prepared petit fours

The menus change periodically, open for both lunch and dinner time.

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We present to you the RUNWAY to a culinary journey, which is one of the Institute of Tourism Studies’ training restaurants. RUNWAY reflects the true aspirations that the ITS’ students have for their studies in the culinary world and showcases their talents and their passion towards food and drink, coupled with a true Hospitality flair.

The menus change periodically, open for both lunch and dinner time.

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Located in the heart of Ħal Luqa, the Apron ‘Grab & Go’ offers speedy hearty meals to those on the go, run by the Institute of Tourism Studies as one of its training restaurants. Students prepare an array of meals, whereby the ‘Tavola Calda’ section of the outlet, offers a selection of cold and hot meals, which can satisfy the hunger of a lion, whereas the café section offers space to those who seek to snack.

Due to Covid-19 protocols, external individuals may purchase their meal as a take away. 


Restaurants and Cafe in Qala, Gozo






Named after a prehistoric find in the villlage of Qala, Il-Menhir is the restaurant on our campus in the same village Gozo. operated by our professors and student in Gozo, it is open twice weekly for lunch serving delicious 3-course menus of sophisticated modern dishes. Main course dishes range from fish, shellfish, beef and pork, chicken, lamb, veal and much more.

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