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Futurouristic is the official journal of the Institute of Tourism Studies (Malta). The aim of this publication is to promote academic research and innovation at ITS not just with the partners and stakeholders in the tourism industry but also society at large. Therefore, ITS fulfils its mission to be at the forefront of this vital industry with its contribution that goes beyond the training of the workforce.


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Futouristic is free of charge and is distributed to all stakeholders in the Maltese travel, tourism, hospitality and higher education sectors.
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Editorial Board

Prof Glen Farrugia (chair)
Ms Ruth Azzopardi
Mr Andrew Debattista
Mr Martin Debattista
Ms Annalise Farrugia Schembri
Dr Joseph George Mallia
Dr Alfred Mifsud
Ms Stephanie Mifsud
Mr David Pace
Mr Stephan Tabone
Mr Jean Pierre Grech (secretary)


Executive Team

Executive Editor: Martin Debattista
Scientific Research Lead: David Pace
Proof-reading: Stephanie Mifsud
Sales and Marketing: Natasha Brown


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